• Lohri Celebration

    Lohri celebration in India

    In India, there is a festival for everything and Lohri is one of them. Lohri is particularly an agricultural festival of Punjabis. Lohri festival is filled with merry making and celebrated by Punjabis with a great enthusiasm and gusto. Lohri is the most celebrated festival in Punjab which comes on 13th of January every year….

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    Indian Wedding Dresses, Wedding Outfits

    Indian Wedding Dresses

    Wedding in India is a very exciting, energetic and colorful affair. Everything about Indian Wedding gives a spectacle of joy, excitement to the celebration guests. When it comes to a grand celebration in India, Indian women can’t resist shopping and the first thing that stuck their mind is what to wear. Indian outfits reflect the…

  • New Year Celebration

    New Year 2018 Celebration

    New Year in India is celebrated like a festival by the people of all ages. New Year is like a National holiday in India. New Year is celebrated with a great Enthusiasm and Dedication in every region of India. New Year eve is considered the last day of holiday and that’s why people celebrate it…

  • Pink Wedding Dresses

    Pink Wedding Dresses

    An Indian wedding is a grand celebration which is very colorful and lavish with a lot of pomp and solemnity. The celebration of an Indian wedding begins at least a week in advance. The wedding in India is celebrated like a festival. Wedding is India is not a silent affair but an extravagant cluster of…

  • Sangeet Dresses

    Sangeet Dresses

    Wedding is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Be it a boy or girl, wedding is the most exciting phase of life where two different persons move together in a new phase of life and start a beginning together. In Hindu wedding, many rituals are performed with a great passion and dedication…

  • Mehendi Dresses, Mehnedi Sarees

    Mehendi Sarees

    In India, every ritual is celebrated with a great passion and dedication. Wedding is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life, so every ritual associated with it must be performed with the equal care and passion. Mehendi ceremony is one of the most important pre wedding rituals in India. In this ceremony, would…

  • Saree Drapping Style

    Saree style – draping system

    We all want to experiment with life, in every day in every way. Since India is such a diverse country we get chance to wear every cultures’ clothes, to learn many languages, to live many lives. Indian got chance to embrace. This collection about sarees and sarees and sarees. Andaaz fashion has got you new…

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    Wedding in India

    Marriage is the most important event in an individual’s life. It brings together two individuals, two souls and two families. In India, the importance of wedding is the paramount. In Indian wedding, many rituals are performed to accomplish it. The marriage in India is performed with the utmost care and dedication. Wedding is the most…